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AutoCAD 2024: Comprehensive Training

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Learn to use the AutoCAD from scratch step by step and became an advance user

What you will learn
  • Feel comfortable using AutoCAD to create your own Designs from scratch
  • Make their own Drawings/Plans/Designs
  • Manage the layers section
  • How to Use AutoCAD
  • All the Tools and Commands

Course content

Introduction           42:18    Minutes

coordinates in AutoCad            39:21    Minutes

Basic Drawing Steps + Commands and Tools                    45:31    Minutes
Add Text & Measurements                              59:45   Minutes

Modify Tools                                47:52    Minutes

Layers                            2h:31    Minutes

What is scale?              2h:10   Minutes

printing Projects            1h:30   Minutes

Autocad 2D                  2h:40   Minutes

Autocad 3D                1h:58   Minutes

Conclusion                 48:30   Minutes



  • No prior knowledge of AutoCAD is required
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Able to understand Basic English in listening and writings
  • Have super basic idea about designing object



If you are new in the world of CAD CAM (Computer Aiden Design & Computer Aiden Manufacturing) and you want to lean to design and draw your own projects we confidences, then look now further!.

In this course I will show you how to use all the important tools and features of the AutoCAD and you will learn step by step all the things a beginner needs to know in order to use the program properly. You will see me use the AutoCAD 2024 , however the same thing can be applied in the all version version and earlier version of the application. If you have the AutoCAD LT version, don’t worry the features are similar. At the end of every lesson, there will be a PDF file of the theoretical part of the lesson as well as some practice exercises in order to work on what you have learned.

>Create designs, import & Export, print, save, manage layers edit existing drawings, add text & dimensions, learn the basic drawing tools/commands as well as the modify tools!

At the end of this course, you will be able to use the Autodesk AutoCAD super-fast and easy and you will be ready to design your own projects and even help others to use the program as well.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to start using AutoCAD
  • Newbies, amateurs, student engineers who want to create their own drawings using AutoCAD
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Autodesk AutoCADAutoCAD 2024: Comprehensive Training
Original price was: $ 179,55.Current price is: $ 56,75.
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