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Microsoft Word Beginner to Expert

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Master Word 2021  with this great value course beginner to advanced bundle!


What you will learn

  • Master the most common uses of Microsoft Word
  • How to create a mail merge in Microsoft Word
  • Learn how to correctly Print envelopes and labels in Word
  • Discover the different page setup options in MS Word
  • Insert professional pictures and graphics in your Word document
  • Make your Word documents look amazing by inserting and editing tables
  • Using “Go To, Find, and Replace” in Microsoft Word
  • Best practice for images including compressing images, captions, 3d models, and icons
  • How to use Section and Column Break
  • All about Master and Subdocuments
  • Create Forms in Word
  • To use Macros to automate basic tasks
  • How to insert Citations, Footnotes and Endnotes
  • How to create an Index and Table of Contents
  • How to protect documents with passwords, read-only and digital signatures


  • Access to Microsoft Word 2021, Word 2019, or Word 365
  • No prior knowledge of Word is required


Most of us use Microsoft Word, but are we using it effectively?

We’ve combined our Microsoft Word 2021, Word 2019 Beginners, and Word 2019 Advanced courses to create this amazing value 3-course training bundle. With over 30 hours of Word tutorials, we leave no stone unturned in teaching you everything MS Word offers.

Unlock the power of Word today and master creating and working with documents. We even threw in additional training for you!

These courses are aimed at Word 2021 and Word 2019 users but are also suitable for Word 365 users.

What’s included?

Word 2021

  • Navigating the Word 2021 interface
  • Customizing the quick access toolbar
  • Accessing and modifying Word options
  • Creating new documents from scratch and from a template
  • Opening and saving existing documents
  • Switching between different document views
  • Entering, selecting, and applying formatting to text
  • Using cut, copy, paste, and paste options
  • Finding and replacing text in a document
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Aligning paragraphs using indents and tab stops
  • Inserting bulleted and numbered lists
  • Applying a theme to control the look and feel of the document
  • Applying and modifying Word styles
  • Inserting content like shapes, icons, text boxes, 3D images, SmartArt, and charts
  • Annotating a document
  • Organizing information using tables
  • Adjusting the margins and orientation
  • Inserting section and page breaks
  • Applying headers and footers
  • Inserting blank pages and cover pages
  • Linking to websites, other documents, and other sections using hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Creating re-usable content with Quick Parts
  • Creating and formatting table of contents
  • Adding footnotes and end notes to a document
  • Creating citations and inserting a bibliography
  • Creating an index
  • Adding captions to pictures and creating a table of figures
  • Creating multiple letters, envelopes, and labels using mail merge
  • Checking spelling and setting-up auto-correct options
  • Tracking changes from multiple authors
  • Comparing and combining documents
  • Adjusting document properties
  • Checking a document for accessibility and compatibility issues
  • Protecting a document to prevent changes
  • Sharing a document with others
  • Collaborating on a document with others in real time
  • Printing a document.

This course bundle includes:

  1. 29+ hours of video tutorials
  2. 240+ individual video lectures
  3. Course and exercise files to follow along
  4. Certificate of completion


Who is this course for?

  • Users new to Word 2021 or 2019 and those upgrading from previous software versions
  • Anyone who wants to be more productive at work and organize their documents
  • Paralegals, Administrators, anyone who uses MS Word a lot


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Microsoft Word Beginner to Expert
Original price was: $ 89,99.Current price is: $ 39,99.
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